This morning, I was running a bit behind schedule.  I was about to fill up my morning coffee for the day, and then I stopped.

The other day a friend was showing me how to change a two prong wall outlet to three.  During the conversation, he talked about the difference between DC and AC power.  He said that with DC power, energy is charged with the intent to deplete the stored power.  But, with AC power it is a constant current passing through both the neutral and hot wires.

Mentally, I was brought back to that conversation as I was about to make my coffee, and compared my charging up with caffeine for the day to the DC power.  I also thought of the inevitable lull in energy that later occurs equating with the depletion of DC power.

Then, I thought if I decide to have juice and oatmeal with the intent of health and balance it could be compared to AC power.  I pictured this as setting the stage for balance in the body allowing for “power” to pass through, rather than the need to charge up as in DC power.

I am re-thinking how to start my day thanks to that conversation while installing the three prong wall outlets.  Have you felt the need to “charge up” before starting your day or an activity?  Could intent of balance instead be another answer, allowing the body to accomplish in it’s most natural state rather than the need for an additional charge?  What do you think?

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