Remember back in school when you were asked a question out loud in front of the class?  What was your feeling?  I hope I give the right answer, and am not humiliated by making a mistake – if you had a school experience like many of us!

One of the most important guidelines of an official CASHFLOW Club is that we encourage experimentation and mistakes during the CASHFLOW game.  We feel that it is important that the member learn through experience, and other members not spoon-feed the answers.

The word education comes from the Latin word, educare, which means to draw out.  So often, at school we crammed information into our heads for a test, then forgot the information soon after.  We feel that information gained through experience – both successes and mistakes, will be retained to a much greater degree.  Would you rather make a mistake playing the CASHFLOW game with play money, or when real money is on the line? Robert explains in the video below, the importance of learning involving more participation and the result of increased retention, in contrast with only reading or a more passive approach.

Another important characteristic of an official CASHFLOW Club is that Rich Dad Company requests that we do not allow selling at the game, or it must be very clear that a product will be promoted in advance.  We feel that this clear boundary allows for unhindered learning and participation, in a supportive environment progressing toward further financial freedom. Feel free to watch the video below for further explanation from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

The two guidelines described above are integral parts of the training that official club leaders receive, and that members can expect when attending official CASHFLOW Club games.

Looking forward to playing together soon!

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