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We are in global financial crisis, and college students are in trouble. Student loan debt is expected to be over a trillion dollars by the end of the year. Most schools are preparing students for the job market, but is that the complete picture? Will that be enough preparation where over 78% of college students stated a goal of being well off financially?

Rich Grad offers an alternative solution, and just launched their brand new web site. Tony D’Angelo leads this division of Rich Dad Company.  If you are concerned about an upcoming student loan crisis, and the lack of financial education for college students, be sure to check out this video below.  Tony has inspired me to begin the process of Rich Grad Oregon !

Robert answers the following pertinent questions in this interview as below:

1. If you did not have the rich dad in your life, what would you be doing today?

2. What made you write your book, Conspiracy of the Rich?  He also discusses the four areas that make people poor, and why you don’t have to follow the same track.

3. Talking about money at the dinner table?

4. When you and your wife were living out of your car, how did you remain confident that you would retire rich, and young?  He follows up by talking about the importance of training and discipline.

5. Is it possible for a person with few resources to still make a fortune, and if so, how?  Be ready, Robert gives very simple (but powerful!) advice, and pulls no punches here!


Not sure which are pages directly connected to Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Company, and Rich Woman Company on Facebook? It’s great to see so many enthusiasts out there on Facebook, but I believe this is the complete list below on Facebook.

Robert Kiyosaki:

Kim Kiyosaki and Rich Woman Company:

This list does not include Rich Dad Advisors or official CASHFLOW Clubs. Again, this documents only official Facebook profiles and pages connected to Robert and Kim, as well as Rich Dad Company and Rich Woman Company.

Please let me know if you know of more on Facebook, or are not sure. I’ll be happy to check directly with Rich Dad Company as an official CASHFLOW Club Leader.

Thanks for your interest in the Rich Dad brand, and for your continual support of the mission of elevating the financial well-being of humanity!

See Robert Kiyosaki and his advisors live in Scottsdale, Arizona either in person or live streaming on October 14th!

Scheduling would not permit me to attend the live event, but I just signed up for live streaming.  Both the live event, and streaming are EXTREMELY reasonable in price.

Check out the link below!

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