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I am truly grateful for my affiliation directly with the Rich Dad team, and mentoring from systems developed through Robert Kiyosaki.  Our club has been playing Cashflow 101 every week for a year now in Portland, and every game we expand our context.

We are excited to have a member volunteer and commit to presenting his business plan for a specific project that he is excited about.  His goals in the club have included opening his mind to new ways of thinking, and coming out of his shell a bit.

We are setting a ground rule where members will offer no unsolicited advice, especially as to why his plans will not work.  Searching for problems rather than solutions is a very common trait for those only committed on the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant.  Many of us in the club are making the transition to including B and I thinking and action.  However, this rule is a safeguard to be sure that the member can express freely without fear of criticism, and the all too common fear of making a mistake.  For more information regarding the CASHFLOW Quadrant, please feel free to click here for a more detailed post on this site.

It can be helpful to think of the birth of an idea as similar to the birth of a human being.  New ideas are like new-born babies.  They don’t need criticism, or suggestions.  They just need love and support in any way possible.  When we become older and are more developed, that is when it is appropriate to receive constructive feedback for correction.  If the baby does not receive care and love in the beginning, it will die.  The same is true for a brand new idea.

We would really appreciate hearing what you think about the above material.  Have you have had any experiences where you expressed an idea, and immediately people started shooting it full of holes and doubt.  Have you ever had the knee-jerk reaction to begin criticizing someone else’s idea, even before they finish their sentence?  What is the source of the need to immediately criticize?

We look forward to your comments, and having you by for a game sometime!

Are you doing pretty well right now in your business, but frustrated that you are not networking with the people that you know you need to be working with to take the next step? Ever asked yourself why?

One thing that comes to mind that I have heard Robert Kiyosaki say is there is something a person doesn’t know that they don’t know!  Rich Dad Company offers a membership site called “Insiders” where Robert and his team offer completely transparent weekly meetings available for viewing to members. In a recent meeting, Robert and his team discussed being cautious about thinking too small.

One example was where if a person is “handling” everything, then maybe that is not the best thing! Huh!?! Then it made sense. If I one is able to just do everything for one’s self, then development of leadership skills are optional. If a person is in over their head, and needs help, then one sinks or swims by their leadership skills.

In Robert’s CASHFLOW Quadrant, “S” represents self-employed and taking on most tasks individually.  An “S” would say, “If you want it done right, do it yourself!”  However, a “B” stands for big business, and MUST involve team work, which MUST include – leadership skills!  A “B” must have the ability to leverage OPT (Other People’s Time.)  Maybe the reason that those connections have not been made with those necessary contacts is that leadership skills need further development?  For more information regarding the CASHFLOW Quadrant, please feel free to click here for a more detailed post on this site.

What is your ultimate goal?  Do you see yourself doing it all on your own with the ability to handle everything?  Or, do you see yourself as part of a bigger picture, maybe with a large team?

Please comment and share your perspectives and insights!

Robert answers the following pertinent questions in this interview as below:

1. If you did not have the rich dad in your life, what would you be doing today?

2. What made you write your book, Conspiracy of the Rich?  He also discusses the four areas that make people poor, and why you don’t have to follow the same track.

3. Talking about money at the dinner table?

4. When you and your wife were living out of your car, how did you remain confident that you would retire rich, and young?  He follows up by talking about the importance of training and discipline.

5. Is it possible for a person with few resources to still make a fortune, and if so, how?  Be ready, Robert gives very simple (but powerful!) advice, and pulls no punches here!


This morning, I was running a bit behind schedule.  I was about to fill up my morning coffee for the day, and then I stopped.

The other day a friend was showing me how to change a two prong wall outlet to three.  During the conversation, he talked about the difference between DC and AC power.  He said that with DC power, energy is charged with the intent to deplete the stored power.  But, with AC power it is a constant current passing through both the neutral and hot wires.

Mentally, I was brought back to that conversation as I was about to make my coffee, and compared my charging up with caffeine for the day to the DC power.  I also thought of the inevitable lull in energy that later occurs equating with the depletion of DC power.

Then, I thought if I decide to have juice and oatmeal with the intent of health and balance it could be compared to AC power.  I pictured this as setting the stage for balance in the body allowing for “power” to pass through, rather than the need to charge up as in DC power.

I am re-thinking how to start my day thanks to that conversation while installing the three prong wall outlets.  Have you felt the need to “charge up” before starting your day or an activity?  Could intent of balance instead be another answer, allowing the body to accomplish in it’s most natural state rather than the need for an additional charge?  What do you think?

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