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Yesterday and today could both be categorized as “one of those days.”  Yesterday, I tried to pay the electric bill online, and to my surprise found that my online account seemed to no longer exist.   After waiting on hold for an extended time was able to recreate the account.  Then, went to pay the bill, and this account didn’t seem to want to accept my credit card.  I had to call the company that they use for payments, and they told me I had to call my the financial institution, as the problem supposedly was on their end.  Lord knows how much time was spent, but for a $60 payment, I had to get off this crazy train.

On this same day, a membership site that I canceled well within the specified notice still ended up billing me for the next cycle for $27.  I called and e-mailed, and am still waiting for confirmation of a refund this morning.

Today, I was charged twice as much as I anticipated from another monthly service.  Because I did not read the fine print, they said there is nothing they can do, and is non-refundable due to their policy.  But, they encouraged me to enjoy the service that I paid for during the allotted amount of time of the coming billing cycle.

I could go on, but I think you get the message about the kind of days these have been.  Have you ever had those days that seem to suck the life out of you?

One of the benefits of regularly attending a CASHFLOW Club, is that meetings are structured to have the opposite effect as described above.  It is meant to recharge with positive energy, in searching for solutions throughout the game, and mutual support through positive reinforcement.

Yesterday, I lead a CASHFLOW game, and was very inspired by the “lights that came on” when a player internalized a concept learned from playing the game, and group discussion at the end.  It brightened my entire day!

I am also a martial artist, and one of the rules that we honor is when you salute into the training area, you leave whatever problems outside the door, and come in with a fresh perspective.  If a person would like to re-engage with those problems at the end of the session when they salute out of the training floor, the choice is available.  But, frequently what happens is that after the training session, one has either gained new perspective or the negative energy has been dissipated to a more manageable level through letting go for that short time.  The community of people of like mind and seeking positive solutions in a CASHFLOW Club can be invaluable, and very similar to the policy of “saluting in” as described above.

If you would like more information regarding attending our club, or any other Rich Dad CASHFLOW Club, feel free to e-mail us at the contact information listed in our “About” page.  Enjoy!

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