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Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars: Unfair Advantage Live Event!

Would the Rich Dad Unfair Advantage, or other Live Seminar Event benefit you?

Could you gain an Unfair Advantage in more knowledge or perspective regarding your life or business from a live seminar? In the video below, I share a story where Brian Tracy helped me, as well as how to see Robert Kiyosaki live for less than $20!

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Rich Dad Cashflow Club Update

Member will be giving his first business presentation to the club tomorrow! In this video, he describes some of the benefits he has received through participating in a Rich Dad Cashflow Club.

It is our intention to bring Rich Dad concepts from thought to game play; then, from discussion to life implementation.

We will be meeting tomorrow, as scheduled every Sunday from 11:15 AM – 2 PM. Open to the public!

Please share with us your thoughts by commenting below on the importance of placing ourselves in a position where we have to follow through, for others involved in our accountability.

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